Youth Doubles

Southland Lanes Presents:

Youth Doubles Fun Tournament


Sunday, January 24, 2021 – 12pm

Trophies given to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams

Entry Fee – $40 ($20 per person)

1.     This will be a youth only doubles fun tournament. The tournament will consist of 4 games total pin fall plus handicap. We will use the bowlers current youth average/handicap. Youth will be considered as 18 and under.

·       Game 1: 9 pin no tap

·       Game 2: 8 pin no tap

·       Game 3: Baker Doubles

·       Game 4: Scotch Doubles

2.     We will be awarding trophies to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place doubles teams (6 trophies in total). 

3.     Bowlers must wait for all other bowlers to finish bowling their game before moving on to the next game. When all bowlers are finished with 9 pin no tap, we will move on to 8 pin no tap and so on till game 4. 

4.     Entry sign-ups will be through our website at CollinsBowling.com. You will see a link for the youth doubles fun tournament. The deadline to sign up will be Friday, January 22nd by 11:59PM. If you’re experiencing issues with signing up please call the phone number in the top right of this page.

5.     We will start game 1 at 12:00PM. Lanes will already be assigned for bowlers upon arrival.

Tournament will practice safe, distancing by using 1 lane of bowler courtesy:

Please allow the bowler on lane next to you to access the ball return and make delivery to the foul line before you occupy the area.  If you bowl less than a strike which requires 2 shots, allow the person on the next lane to roll their first ball while you stand back away from the ball return or remain seated.  Please coordinate this by respecting the space of the group next to you in order to maintain safe, social distancing.  If you have children, you are expected to monitor them so they are also practicing 1 lane of bowler courtesy.

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