Wood Lanes Available This Week

Starting September 21 until September 30, 2017, SIXTWELVE.US will be at Eastland working on wood lane removal. Lanes will be made available to the public to purchase sections and sizes. You can select a specific lane number and length of lane according to price.

I’m glad to work with such a fine company that has experience in lane preservation and salvage into useful materials. Click the link below for details on lane section prices for materials.


Buy Now – Use Later

Now’s the time to get one of these great wood lanes to use for whatever you need. Buy the lane section to use for a later date or purchase a table constructed by SixTwelve out of these materials.

Click the Link Below for Pricing and Contact Info to come out and get your piece of history.

Please select “Collins Bowling Center”from the drop down contact menu when the page opens. This lets us track local customers to the sale and inquiry of the lanes.

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