When it’s cold outside many people want to come inside and go bowling.  This especially happens during the weekends and during the holidays.  We are entering the holiday phase of the calendar year and what better way to spend time with your family and friends than going bowling.

Many families go bowling on Thanksgiving day and we’re open 2pm to Midnight providing a place for your group to bowl and watch your favorite football game after consuming your Thanksgiving day feast.

Companies and individuals also begin holiday party planning during the month of November.  With limited lanes available, the earlier you get this done, the better.  This also includes New Years Eve Party Planning, where lanes are sold and booked on a pre-pay basis.  We are also open Christmas Day.

Companies have had great success scheduling afternoon activities with bowling, food, and drinks.  The most satisfied groups select an afternoon around 1pm-5pm to participate including lunch and bowling.  Participation levels are highest for companies scheduling events during this time.  Employees appreciate an event during their normal workday – it doesn’t impose on their already busy personal time.

When making plans for these events, be sure and check our online group specials.  If your reading this today, take advantage of our 3-day special going on right now – only 1 day left as of this writing!