march Madness Tournament

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Southland March Madness 2021

March Madness Tournament

Sunday, March 28th, 2021

Starts at 9:00 AM Check in 8:00 AM

Southland Lanes

205 Southland Dr. Lexington, KY 40503


1st place $800 based on 64 bowlers

Sweet 16 cash (1 in 4 chance)

Entry Fee is $80

Handicap: 80% of 220

1) Entrants in this tournament shall use their HIGHEST YEARBOOK AVERAGE from the 2019-2020

season (minimum of 21 games). If there is no final average from the 2019-2020 season, entrants

shall use their HIGHEST YEARBOOK AVERAGE from the last sanctioned league the entrant had

participated in (21 games of more). If the entrant(s) CAN NOT PROIVIDE A PREVIOUS YEARBOOK

AVERAGE, the entrant will have no handicap.

2) Format for the tournament will be a 64 singles double elimination bracket. Everyone will bowl a

minimum of 4 games. We will have 2 games of qualifying to determine seeding for the bracket.

After we have determined the seeding, we will go into our first bracket matches.

3) After our first match we will start our loser’s bracket match ups. We will continue the loser’s

brackets match up until a person wins through to bowl the winner of the winner’s bracket. The

loser’s bracket advancer will need to beat the winner’s bracket advancer twice in order to take 1st

place. Higher seed will get choice of lane.

4) To determine higher placement for the sweet 16, we will be taking the higher handicap game to

determine payouts. In the event of a tie we will have a 9th & 10th frame roll off.

5) Sweet 16 payouts based on placement. Entry fee breakdown. $80, $25 for linage, $5 for expenses

& $50 for prize fund. 1st place will receive $800 and 16th place will receive entry fee money back

of $80 (1 in 4 chance to place).

6) Amateur/Youth bowlers may not directly collect any prize money given from the tournament.

Prize money won will be deposited in the amateur/youth bowler’s smart account.

7) This tournament is not USBC certified but all USBC rules shall apply with the exception of rule

319a2, 319d, and 319e.

8) Failure to use the proper average shall DISQUALIFY score if submitted average is lower than the

actual average thereby resulting in a higher handicap. Prize winnings shall be based on submitted

average if it is higher than the actual average (rule 319a-3).

9) Entry fees and applications must be submitted and turned in by the end of Friday, March.26th,


10) Dress code is recommended but not mandatory for this tournament. The code of conduct shall

also be upheld as well as no smoking or vaping in the building.

11) DUE TO COVID-19 there will be limited spectators allowed in the building. There will be a

check in process upon entry and all entrants/people must have a mask on when not in the

bowler’s area. It is highly suggested that people do not make physical contact for yours and

others safety. An example of this would be to air five and instead of making the physical contact

with a normal high-five.

12) Payments can be made through cash or check at Southland Bowling Center. Make checks out to

“Southland Lanes”. We do accept venmo, contact Drew Buresh for any venmo payments.

13) For additional information contact tournament directors:

Zackery Sneed – Phone # (859)-336-4037 or Email: zackerysneed@gmail.com

Drew Buresh – Phone # (859)-421-6728 or Email: dburesh00@gmail.com

Mail entries to: Zackery Sneed, 205 Southland Dr. Lexington, KY 40503

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