KSR Summer League 2023

The KSR Summer League is back and ready for action!

League Info:

  • Online Sign-Ups
  • Mixed Five Person
  • Wednesdays @ 6:00PM
  • 13 Weeks
  • 5 Bowlers per Team
  • Bench Bowlers Allowed (Rostered Bowlers)

Meeting Date:

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 @ 6:00PM

Lane Info:

There are 40 lanes dedicated to this league. Lane 1 will be the starting lane.

League Dues Info:

  • Weekly Dues: $25
  • Bowler Entry Fee: $0

Handicap Rules:

Individual Handicap

Individual handicap will be 90% of 230.

Both bowlers will receive handicap.

Bowler’s handicap will not be limited.

Team Handicap

Team handicap will be sum of individual.

Team’s handicap will not be limited.


Bowler will use their entering average for 9 games before establishing an average.

Bowler previous season average minimum games to qualify for entering average: 21 games.

Minimum games for new bowlers to qualify for most improved average: 9 games.

Standings Options:

Standings will be determined by total wins.

Leaderboard Options:


Team points awarded per game: 1

Team points awarded per series: 1

Points per week: 4

Blind Rules:

Blind (absent) bowler will score 10 pins under their average.

Bowler automatically marked blind (absent) if no show by frame 6.

Blinded and/or vacant teams cannot win points.

Vacancy Rules:

Vacancy will score 175 for all matchups.

The vacancy will receive handicap.

Blinds and vacants when playing each other will award winning point to winning team.

Legal Lineups:

Illegal lineups are considered forfeits.

A legal lineup consists of 3 or more eligible bowlers.

Substitutes count as eligible bowlers.

Opposing bowlers must bowl 10 pins within average to win points against illegal lineup (forfeit).

Prize Fund:

Prize fund not entered yet.

Ties for weekly matchups are broken by total pinfall. Ties for final standings and payouts are broken by adding the payouts for the tied places and dividing that number equally among the tied positions. Prizes listed are typically paid upon league completion and reconciliation.

Prizes listed are per team.

Additional Rules:

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