Hours: We’re always open on the most important holidays for you and your family.
Saturday, Dec 24 Christmas Eve: 9am-2pm
Sunday, Dec 25 Christmas Day: 2pm-10pm
Saturday, Dec 31 New Years Eve: 9am-5pm (open lanes), 5pm-2am (Reservations Only)
Sunday, Jan 1 New Years Day: 12pm-12am

Boosted Wifi Services: We’ve upgraded our high speed internet servers to deliver you the best connection so you can post photos, stream live videos, and do all the right things to connect with your friends and family while having fun.

Specials and gifts to buy: From stocking stuffers to company and family get togethers and memorable events, combine any of these offers for food & beverage to create a complete turn key package that’s easy and fun.

Christmas Day Bowling and New Years Day Bowling: These are traditional times to spend with your friends and family. Many groups have been going bowling for years and we provide the perfect place to host your family gatherings. Complete with large screen TVs streaming the football game of your choice along with your own custom music selection playing in the center makes this a win/win for everyone involved.

Take time to spend with your family and friends during this holiday season if only a few hours. It’s the best way to get everyone together and meet up informally. Bowling has been a Lexington Tradition since the 1950s for Family entertainment during the holidays.

Make the most of it, you won’t forget the great time you experience with the people closest to you.

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