Retired USBC Sanctioned Bowling Pins

Get an official league USBC Tournament and League Sanctioned Souvenir Bowling Pin with the purchase of an $87 online special.

This pin is fully seasoned and retired from competition.  It makes a great gag gift or souvenir for your next bowling event.

Every 2-3 years we retire pins from sanctioned league and tournament play and have many left over to distribute or resell.  We have made these available to anyone purchasing an $87 online group bowling special.

When you redeem your purchase, we’ll have your souvenir pin ready for you at the front desk. These pins vary in condition: some are marked up from various balls hitting them and being tossed around the machine in the back.  Think about it – these pins take some serious abuse!

Your pin will have its own “character marks” and “blemishes” that occurred naturally during bowling competition. Make your purchase now to get this special limited time while supplies last, memorable league and tournament sanctioned pin retired from its use.