2022-23 Fall Leagues



Youth League:  9am Girls and Boys organized weekly youth league organized into specific age groups.  USBC certified and sanctioned with all the coaches being certified and screened through USBC.  The success of Southland’s Junior Bowling program dates back to the early days of the 1960s with generations of bowlers starting out.  Memories are shared with families coming out watching their kids compete and learning the joys of league bowling every Saturday.  Signups Saturday, Aug 20 (11am-2pm) and Saturday, Aug 27 (11am-2pm).  25 week season starting September 10.

Junior Bowling Registration(Coming Soon)


Sunday Night Mixed: bowls every Sunday night at 6pm.  A perfect start to the week includes an evening of bowling on Sunday nights with friends.  Many teams are returning and there’s room to expand if you have a team or want to join an existing team.  This time is best suited for those people looking to bowl at the end of the weekend or start of the week (Sunday nights) however you want to look at it.  4-person teams, Meeting date:  July 31 at 6pm, Starts Aug 14


Monday Mourners:  9:30am Women’s Senior Non-Sanctioned league with 4 bowlers per team.   An enjoyable group of ladies bowling every Monday morning for many years are returning once again.  This established league is organized and fun.  Simply show up each Monday and enjoy the friendly competition.  A great way to start the week.  If you have a team or you want to join an existing team, just let us know or show up the first day.  Start Date:  Aug 15 at 9:30am

Golden Nuggets:  1pm Mixed Senior Sanctioned League ages 55+ with 4 bowlers per team.  These seniors have been bowling at Southland for many years.  It’s a perfect time in the afternoon right after lunch.  Many show up early, have lunch then bowl in the fun, competitive, well-organized league.  Special recognition is given to anyone bowling personal high scores and everyone enjoys some potluck specials during the holidays!  Meeting date:  Sept 12 at 12pm, Starts Sept 12 at 1pm.

Wafford Memorial League:  6:15pm Men’s Sanctioned league consisting of 5-member teams with up to 5 subs per team.  One of our largest leagues at 24 teams as of now, it offers lots of competition, side bracket money games, individual weekly handicap jackpot games and organized league competition.  This league fills up every season, so if you’re interested, please reach out in advance or attend the meeting.  Meeting:  Aug 15 at 6:30pm and starts Aug 22

Where’s The Bar?  Bowls at 7:30pm with 5 bowlers per team.  As the name implies, the focus of this league is “having a good time!”  While it’s still competitive, you’ll find the unique format of “strike pot tickets” and the heckling of teams participating makes the focus and distraction factor very interesting.  Be prepared for the overall theme to be more than just bowling!  Meeting:  Sept 12 at 7pm, Starts Sept 19.  This is a non-sanctioned league.

Restaurant Challenge League:  11pm League, 3-person teams, Non-Sanctioned League – compete against other restaurants and bars.  The idea behind this is “bragging rights” and a large special trophy to display in your restaurant.  It’s the perfect setting for everyone in your store to come out and relax, blow off some steam.  This short season league breaks a few weeks then restarts to bowl for a shorter 12 week season throughout the year.  Join soon as the league concludes and restarts.  Meeting & Greet:  Sept 13 at 11pm, Starts:  Sept 20 at 11pm.


Tuesday Trotters:  9:30am Women’s Senior Sanctioned League with 4 bowlers per team.  Playing with the horse theme of “trotters” everyone’s familiar with in these parts, this group of ladies enjoys getting together every Tuesday morning for some fun bowling and breakfast.  The coffee pot is on and the doughnuts are ready (if you choose to partake).  No matter what, these nice women are here to have a great time enjoying bowling!  Meeting Date: Aug 16 at 11:30am, Start date:  Aug 23 at 9:30am.

S.C.S.C. League:  1pm Senior league ages 55+  with 4 bowlers per team.  Another great group of seniors, the SCSC offers one more great afternoon of competitive bowling for the older crowd.  Birthdays are celebrated with cakes and announcements, bowling accomplishments are announced on the PA system, and holiday potlucks are encouraged while bowling during the holidays.  It’s a great way to enjoy fellowship and community along with friendly competition.  Meeting Date:  Sept 6 at 12pm, Start date: Sept 6 at 1pm.

Beltline League:  6:15pm Men’s League with 5 bowlers per team.  Named after “New Circle Road” commonly referred in the early days as “The Beltline”, this league was given that name a long time ago with both Eastland and Southland Lanes were constructed.  The league consists of several bowlers who’ve been on the league for many years.  Sometimes there are openings for teams and individuals but often times the league is filled up each year.  You better check now by showing up to the meeting to see if there’s room for you.  Meeting date Aug 30 at 6:30pm, Start Date: Sept 6.

T.N.T. League:  6:15pm Mixed Sanctioned League with 4 bowlers per team.  This league packs a real punch like a load of dynamite!  Not to be confused with the popular song by AC/DC, this traditional league consists of returning bowlers from previous years who are here to enjoy weekly bowling.  Every league has it’s own personalties and styles made up of the bowlers themselves.  Find out the uniqueness of the TNT league by joining today!   Meeting Date: Sept 6 at 6:00pm, Start Date: Sept 13.

Tri-City Blues League:  Fall is upon us and bowling is just around the corner. Looking for a Tuesday night mixed sanctioned  league to join, come to our meeting (Tuesday – August 9 at 6:30pm), we have plenty of room for more teams and would be glad to have you. Our teams consist of 5 bowlers of which 1 must be a woman, and we bowl 32 weeks. We welcome all bowlers, new; inexperienced; or experienced we don’t care, it’s all for the fun of bowling. See you then!  6:15pm Mixed League with 5 bowlers per team.


Liberty Belles League:  9:15am Women’s Non-Sanctioned League with 4 bowlers per team.  Meeting Date:  Sept 7 before start of bowling same day.

H.G. (Helen Gilkerson) Southern Rebels:  6:15pm Women’s Sanctioned League with 5 bowlers per team.  Named after long-time local bowling legend and past association president, Helen Gilkerson.  Election of officers: Aug 24 at 6pm, Meet & Greet Aug 31 at 6pm, Starts Sept 7 at 6pm.

Legal Eagles:  Closed Law Firm League.  Meeting and Starting Dates TBT.

IBM League:  6:15pm  This Sanctioned league is open to anyone, possibly will be changing names from IBM to something else, but there’s an existing group of people still bowling and they are expanding to attract new bowlers.  It’s been established for many years (one of Lexington’s first bowling leagues when IBM came to town in the 1960s.)  5 person teams, Meeting:  Sept 7 at 6:30pm, Starts September 14.

Ladies Major League:  Women’s Sanctioned league has been bowling for decades at Southland.  If you like a traditional, competitive women’s league, choose this one, if they’re not already full!  Best thing to do if you want to find out is show up to the league meeting!  Good luck and good bowling!   League Meeting:  August 31 at 6:30pm and start Date is Sept. 7 at 6:30pm.  They are currently 3 members per team but will consider growing to 4 or 5 depending on number of bowlers interested.


Woodpeckers:  10am Mixed League, 2 bowlers per team.  A fine group of people who enjoy hanging out and bowling for many years on Thursday mornings.  Come enjoy an existing league and have a great time once a week!  Meeting Date:  Aug 4 at 10am,  Start Date:  Aug 11.

Senior All Stars League – 1pm:  USBC Sanctioned Senior Mixed League.  Practice at 12:45pm, starts at 1pm.  Meet your friends for lunch each week then enjoy an afternoon of fun bowling with this classic senior bowling league.  Must be 55+ years old to participate.  League consists of many returning senior who love to bowl, socialize and enjoy the great times ahead!  Meeting:  Sept 8 before bowling.  3 person teams.

Strikeforce League:  6:15pm Mixed Sanctioned League with 5 bowlers per team.  One of the largest leagues at Southland with around 24 teams, the Strikforce league enjoys mixed teams of weekly competition with beginners as well as higher average bowlers.  There’s also weekly brackets and other side games.  Meeting Date:  Sept 1 at 6:30pm,  Start Date:  Sept 8.

L.B.A.D. Men’s League:  6:30pm Men’s Sanctioned League with 5 bowlers per team.  One to the oldest leagues in Lexington, this group of closely connected people return every year to bowl.  Meeting: Aug 11, 6:30pm.  Start: Aug 18.

Knights of Columbus:  7:30pm Men’s Sanctioned League with 5 bowlers per team.  A fraternal organization for it’s members to enjoy a night of bowling.  Established many years ago, and possibly the oldest league in the city of Lexington.  Starts: Sept 1


50/50 Club:  12pm Mixed Senior Sanctioned League ages 55+.  Stay active and enjoy friendly competition with some older folks who have plenty of time to spare!  Everyone gets together bowling in league format – good bowlers and beginners alike.  Everyone’s welcome!  Meeting Date:  Aug 12 at 12pm,  Start Date:  Aug 19

Friday Night Fun League:  6:15pm Mixed Sanctioned League with 5 bowlers per team.  This league bowled at Eastland Lanes for many years and has been at Southland since 2018.  While most teams have been bowling together for years, this league welcomes new teams and bowlers to make it all the more fun!  Each week there’s organized brackets and money sidepot games for those interested in the extra challenge.  Meeting:  Aug 12 at 6:30pm, Start:  Aug 19