Bowling Rewards

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Bowling Rewards

Earn Cash Rewards to Spend on Food, Bowling, & Drinks.

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Special Announcement to our existing members:

September 24, 2020

To: Bowling Reward and Gold Members


From: Danny Collins

I’m very grateful to have our business open once again and offer incentive and rewards programs for everyone.  Thank you for being patient while we have spent time organizing league meetings and fall startups.  We’ve received many calls and questions from bowlers with game balances and reward dollars along with gold members.  Allow the explanation in the paragraphs below to outline how it works.  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

All bowling reward customers will have until 10/31/2020 to convert their membership. After that, all non-converted members will be placed in “expired” status.  All communications about upcoming specials, league notices and other communications will only be sent out to our current, active customers.

To redeem reward dollars for food, beverages or bowling, customers must transact through the in person point of sale of that department (bar window, snack bar order stand, front desk).  Each League member can still earn 10% and General Members earn 5% in rewards for every dollar spent by either buying on the food app or over the counter.  At the time of purchase using the app or buying lane reservation online, the customer needs to inform the server of their reward phone number and we will credit your account with the sale to earn your % rewards. 

The details of future promotions and incentives will be determined.

Gold members who were active during the closed months of March, April, May who were charged $10 per month will receive a $30 bonus upon conversion with an end of year expiration.  Any members of gold membership will be converted to General or League membership status.  Each bowler can only have 1 membership per person.

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