During this downtime for Southland Lanes for the COVID19 crisis, we have been authorized to sell our Beer and Liquor Inventory to our customers. 

We’ve priced these items as low or lower than retail stores to offset costs during this time. For more information, please click on the ONLINE LIQUOR STORE button on our homepage.

We sent letters and notices for all leagues for the initial 2 weeks of closure. As you know, it’s been over 2 weeks now and we are waiting this out like all the other businesses. 

During this process, I’m working with all available resources to weather the storm so we can reopen seamlessly when the time comes.

Again, if you know anyone who might want to purchase beer or alcohol out of our inventory, we’ve setup a website to handle the sale and distribution (pickup) of these items in a social distancing way. Keep in mind, things change on a daily basis and so making an immediate purchase will be your best bet.

I hope everyone stays safe and I look forward to the day everyone can return to bowling at Southland Lanes.

Sincerely, Danny Collins 
Collins Bowling Centers, Inc.