Southland Lanes Presents

VIP Lane Reservations
Guaranteed Lanes Ready When You Arrive To The Center

Top three reasons for VIP Lane Reservations:

  • No Wait - Cost Effective... Simply Walk In, Get Your Shoes and Go Right To Your Lane
  • Perfect Planning Tool - Scheduled Time in Advance - Everyone Knows When To Arrive
  • Flexible Times Available - Select The Day and Time That Works For You

Choose The Date And Time To Reserve:

This is simple and easy.  Just select the day and time you'd like to bowl, click AVAILABLE tab then secure your time.  All you need to do is show up to bowl.  No wait, no hassles, VIP Treatment!

There are 12 RESERVATION ONLY VIP LANES set aside for each shift.  If these lanes are sold out during the time you want to bowl, there will still be lanes available for walk-in customers.  Please arrive to your reserved lanes 10-15 minutes prior to starting time.  If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, these lanes will be given out to walk-in customers.

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