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Online Bowling Specials...

You enjoy spending time with your friends, family and co-workers,
so buy one of these online bowling offers below.

  1. Select the discount package you want to buy. Buy as many as you like – the more you get, the better the discount.
  2. Pay for your package using your computer or mobile device with paypal or credit card with our secure online payment processor.
  3. Take your receipt to the front desk (printout or show screen from mobile device) to receive your value loaded card or register with your mobile number for card less.

Remember: You don’t need a gift card to carry around, all you need is your mobile number.
The next time you pay for a lane, food or beverage, just give us your mobile number
and pay with your account balance.

Compare This To Regular Bowling Rates:

It’s Saturday night and you're bowling 3 games, renting shoes, eating a large pizza and getting a pitcher of Pepsi.  Here’s what you would normally pay:

3 games for 4 people x $5.00 = $60.00, Shoe rental $12.00,Large Pizza $15.95, Pitcher of Pepsi $5.00.  Total cost: $92.95

Instead, you purchase the $100 special for $87 which gives you $100 in giftcard value and 15 free games ($75 value) and use this to pay for your bowling scenario above.  You apply the 12 games from the package (3 games each) and use the extra cash value to pay for your shoes, pizza and drinks and still have $65.00 in cash left in your account plus a bankroll of 3 more free games to use the next time you come bowling.  
So, just pay $87 to have a great time bowling and go home with an extra $90 in your pocket!  

Some Ways To Use These Specials:

  • Purchase a gift card on your iphone then instantly redeem at the center. Treat your whole family to bowling, food and pizza at a huge discount.
  • Are your kids going nuts at home? Get them out of the house, bring them bowling where they have a great time, burn up some energy and leave feeling relaxed and stress free.
  • Are you and your buddies looking for something better to do besides laying around eating Doritos and watching football? Put bowling on your evening agenda and plug this into a weekly event. Plus, large screen HD TVs over every lane to broadcast your favorite game. It’s a great outlet and time to blow off steam after work.
  • Tell some other friends and meet up once a week to bowl. You won’t believe how simple this is.
  • Load your card or account with games and credit to use for food and beverage gives you an instant return of over 200% on your money!

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(You Get: $100 gift card cash for food, beverage & bowling + 15 free games)

-> You Pay Only $87

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Designed for Groups & Companies of 24+ people.
All-Inclusive: Food, Bowling, Drinks

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