New Gold Membership Program -- Get Huge Value Added Bonuses Every Month

"Exclusive Gold Membership Pays for Itself 10-Fold at Time of Purchase!"

...Even If You Don't Use it.

Danny Collins

From The Desk Of Danny Collins
Lexington, KY

Dear Friend,

If you plan to go bowling once a month or more and like to bowl for Free and want $10 per month to purchase Food & Drinks, this will be the most important offer you'll ever see.

Here's why,

Going Bowling a few times per month and paying for 3 games and shoe rental can cost you upwards of $18.00 per visit per person depending on the time of week.

Let me show you how this Monthly Gold Membership Program Blows Away the Regular Game Rates you'd pay if you didn't have this offer...

10-Fold Value - Every Month

The Retail Value of the The Monthly Gold Membership is over $130.00 per month! This value-added exclusive offer gives you this much value for a much lower price - more than a factor of 10. Imagine spending a fraction of this and get all this value to use immediately every month.

What is the GOLD MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM and How You Will Benefit From it?

First of all, we're in the business of creating bowling products to improve your experience in our bowling center.

I listen to many customers wanting added value and new, exciting programs so they can come here and bowl more often.

Anyway - this is where you'll see it play out.

Very simply, this monthly program gives you over $130.00 each month in value for only $9.95!

How is this possible?

When you signup in the link below, each month you will receive $10.00 added to your account along with 24 Free Games of Bowling.  You have an entire month to use these which can be redeemed up to 3 per day.  We're also giving you 5 Free Games and $10.00 on your birthday along with $10.00 on your Anniversary!

If you're already a member of our Bowling Rewards Program, your membership transfers into the Gold Membership Level at the Click of a Button.  If you're not a member, you can join by clicking link below.

Your 24  Monthly Games, $10.00 Rewards, and 12% Cash Earning on new purchases are activated and you simply give us your phone number at the front desk to bring up your account information or check it online at our website.

Top 6 Reasons This Program Is For You

  • 24 Free Games Each Month Redeemable Anytime
  • It's The Best Program Value Ever Offered in Our Company.
  • $10.00 Cash Added To Your Account Each Month Redeemable Anytime
  • Earn 12% Cash Reward for Purchases on Open Bowling, Food & Beverages.
  • $10.00 On Your Birthday And Anniversary
  • 5 Free Games On Your Birthday
  • More than $130.00 in Value Each Month for less than $10.00

You're right ...there's more ideas and ways to use this awesome special.  But we're not done. This also is ...

A Smart Way To Save Money and Time!

When you signup for this program, everything happens automatically.  Immediately, you receive the 24 Free Games, $10.00 added to your account, and start earning 12% on your purchases.  The $10 it costs you each month creates instant value for you to use right away.

Is there a way for you to loose on this offer?


The only way to loose money on this offer is simply, not to use it.

But if you plan to come into the center at least once per month, you can use the $10 to purchase food or beverages,  ...And still have 24 games to use throughout the month when you decide to go bowling.


You are only minutes away from realizing the mammoth savings of this offer!

Assuming you like to bowl or purchase food or drinks at the center.

I'm describing another unique bowling offer with the biggest savings of any program we've ever offered.  I could talk more about all the ways this has "over $130.00 in value each month" or show you how this pays for itself over 10 times what you pay for it.

Anyway, whenever you're ready, it's time to take advantage of this now.

How to Redeem...

By clicking the link the buy button below, a new window will open up to make the purchase.  Then your account will be instantly credited with the 24 free games, $10.00 Cash Value, and 12% rewards earned on purchases.

You simply provide us with your phone number linked to your account at the Front Desk, Snack Bar or Lounge to redeem your games, cash value, and reward bonuses.

The Guarantee!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.06.24 PM

If you feel the value of the program hasn't exceeded what you paid for it and you aren't 100% satisfied, you can cancel your membership at anytime with no obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm already a member of Bowling Rewards Program?
You will be upgraded to "Gold Membership" status to receive all your new bonuses each month and your earnings will increase to 12% level.

What happens to the games already in my account when the new program limits me to redeem only 3 games per day?
All the games already accumulated in your account can be redeemed the same way you've always redeemed them.  The Gold Level Program of 24 games per month can be redeemed up to 3 games per day.  Each month these get 24 more games, but if not used, they will reset - this only applies to the Gold Level Games, not existing ones such as League Bonus Games.

How do I pay for this program each month?
When you signup, your membership will renew automatically for $9.95 per month.  If you ever want to cancel the membership, you can do so at anytime without being charged.

Is Shoe Rental Included?
Shoe rental is not included in the program.  However, the $10 per month can be used for Shoe Rental, Food or Drinks.


Each month you receive:

  • 24 Free Games
  • $10.00 Cash Added to Your Account
  • $10.00 Reward on Your Birthday & Anniversary
  • 5 Games Added to your Account on Your Birthday
  • 12% Cash Added for Open Bowling, Food & Beverage Purchases
  • Games and Cash Value are redeemable anytime lanes are available

The Retail Value is over $130.00 Per Month

You Pay Only $9.95

join now

(A new window will popup to complete the secure transaction).

The earlier you get in on this, the more value you will have by using it right away!



P.S.  Your balances are reset every month no matter if you use them or not.  Even though it expires every month, you get a fresh supply of new games and reward balance to use.

P.S.S.  Remember, there's no obligation to this offer - you can cancel at anytime.  But consider giving this a try to see how you like it.