Eastland Lanes - Lexington, Kentucky - Pinsetters & Equipment

Originally built as 32 Lane Center in 1959, interiors were renovated with 12 Lane addition in 1990 and 44 Lanes of New Brunswick GSX Pinsetters and Anvilanes added in 2000.

Equipment Descriptions

Full interior of bowling center includes: 44 Lanes Brunswick Pinsetters, Brunswick Anvilanes & Approaches, Masking Units, Ball Returns, Ball Lifts and Subways, Seating Area.  Price: $325,000

Check this page and links below for updated prices, pictures and lists as these are being updated daily.

Separate Purchase

Choose which parts you want to buy for upgrading your center:  GSX Pinsetters ($6,500 ea), Brunswick Anvilane Surfaces Lane & Approach ($1,200 per lane), Masking Units ($250/pair), Ball Lifts/Returns/Subways ($250/pair), Gutters and Capping non-bumper ($250/lane).

We also have a complete $65,000.00 Glow Bowling Package with various lights and sound system available for purchase.  The entire bowling center lighting and sound package available for $6,850.

We also have kitchen and bar equipment available including flat cooktop grill, walk-in freezer, fridges, steam table, stainless steel sinks, popcorn machine, pizza warmers, Ice Machine, Beer Coolers, and more.

Pro Shop Equipment includes: AMF Vacu-Jig Drill with drill bits, Letter engraver, Haus Ball Resurfacer, Durometer, Lustre King Ball Polisher, Dodo Scale.  $6,000

All equipment will be available for removal on or after June 1, 2017.  Please call to arrange inspection of equipment.

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